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Mrs. C was surrounded by rare art books and art auction catalogs since her early youth.  She learned about rare art books at the knee of her international art dealer Mom who always relied on art auction catalogs and unique dealer catalogs to stay informed.  In her early twenties, Mrs. C worked as an intern at the reknown Schneider Musikantiquariat in a suburb of Munich, Germany, cataloging their Richard Strauss sheet music collection.  Mrs. C accompanied her mother on many business trips to art reading rooms and art auctions throughout the US and Europe to learn and develop a more discerning eye in terms of value and mastery.  She was also the copy writer for several old master prints and drawings dealer catalogs.

As part of her mother retiring from her business, the art reference library had to be sold.  Mariposa Art Books was born

The rare art books that are available for sale contain many outstanding examples of German, French, Italian and English artists.  The art books focus on an artist oeuvre, works representing an art period, museum exhibitions, art auction catalogs, dealer announcements and pamphlets, dealer catalogs and more.

If you are interested in chatting with Mrs. C about any of these books, purchasing one for your own collection or in any of the fine art collage note cards, fill out the form below or click HERE for the store.

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